Windows 8 Released (CheckMark Compatible Too!)

Microsoft just released Windows 8…what does that mean for your business? (By the way, Windows 8 is CheckMark compatible!). What are some of the key differences in Windows 8? (Read a full review at Information Week).

  • Legitimate iPad alternative: New operating system that can compete with the iPad in the long term.
  • Under the Hood Improvements: updated look and feel (Modern UI instead of GUI), faster, more secure, and better for those using virtual machines.
  • Better Back Up & Sync: introducing Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud backup service, also includes browser history and personalization for SkyDrive.
  • A Bridge Between Home & Office: Windows 8 family (PC, mobile, tablet) closes the gap between work and home with essentially the same user experience.

What do you think of Windows 8?