What’s in Payroll Patch 13.0.10?

Payroll Patch 13.0.10 is now available and is up to date will the latest taxes and fixes for 2013. If you have not already done so, you can automatically download and install the latest version by selecting “Check for Updates and Patches” from Payroll’s Help menu. Once you have it installed, you can click on the “Load 2013 Values” button from the Federal Tax Values screen to ensure you’re using the latest tax values.

**Be sure you have loaded the latest Federal Tax Values before you do your 941. If you are only showing zeros in the last two Federal Tax Parameters you have not updated to the latest tables and your 941 will not show correctly in Box 5D.**

Changes for 2013 Payroll:
  • CA DE9 (form and XML)
  • Form 941 for 2013
  • Medicare processing for incomes over 200k

Download Patch for Mac
Download Patch for Windows

For a complete list with specific details, please visit our Patches page