5 Reasons to Update Your CheckMark Payroll Software Now!

CheckMark payroll software

Every year payroll processing becomes more complicated with revised tax tables and new requirements from the IRS.  To pay your employees on time and ensure that taxes are filed accurately it is critical that you maintain up-to-date payroll software.

As your company grows, you may find that payroll processing becomes more complex, with changing tax requirements, multiple employee types and new income and deduction categories.  Errors and inaccuracies can result in significant fines from the IRS.  This is why it is crucial that you maintain up-to-date payroll software.  CheckMark works year round to integrate the latest tax tables and IRS mandates to ensure accuracy in your payroll processing.

Here is why you need to update!

  1. Latest Tax Tables

Your CheckMark payroll software update includes current federal, state and local taxes tables and forms.

  1. New Features and Enhancements

The update includes valuable features and enhancements based on customer feedback.

  1. Security

At CheckMark, we do not compromise on the security of our software.  Updating your software regularly ensures that your program is secure.

  1. Software Support

You can always reach a US-based technical support professional via phone, email or fax.   An exclusive toll-free phone number, live chat, top-of-the-queue priority, data recovery and online access to program patches are just a few features you can access when you update.

  1. Compliance

Each year, our dedicated professionals are hard at work to ensure that our payroll software is compliant with the latest payroll regulations and mandates.  CheckMark payroll allows you to e-file your W-2’s,  W-3’s and forms 94X.

CheckMark’s 2023 updates include several improvements and enhancements to make payroll, accounting, and tax reporting easier than ever.  If you are a current CheckMark customer, login to our Updates Portal to update your software.