The Cronut

A new pastry has entered the New York market- the cronut. Half-crossaint, half-donut, I have half a mind to buy a ticket to New York today to test out this tasty-treat. The pastry sells out in minutes and has attracted an incredible black market of people unable to wait to consume this treat.

What’s really incredible, in our fast-paced, cash-out-and-get-out culture, is that pastry-chef Dominque Ansel is refusing to alter his prices on his trademarked good nor change production rates, favoring slow, calculated growth and keeping the demand. How often do we see companies buy up the newest craze, only to have it devalued after a year? Or take the cupcake industry which the market is now over saturated for and many shops are on the brink of shutting down? Ansel’s patience and product integrity is reputable. Can’t wait to see what this pastry chef has up his sleeve next!

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