Shhhh: Sneak Peak at Payroll 2014

CheckMark Payroll 2014 will become available in mid-September. However, I wanted to give you a sneak peak on some of the exciting features we have for next year to make your life easy-peasy. Here are some of the key features to look forward too…

  • Enhanced QuickBooks integration: Now customize account names to match your current QuickBooks accounts for seamless posting.
  • More Deductions per Company. Now up to 60!
  • More Additional Incomes per Company! Now up to 40!
  • Doubled the Number of Hour Rates! Set up to 8 per employee.
  • Enhanced Viewing: Now change the display font for better screen viewing based on your preferences.
  • Now modify employer match amounts when calculating pay.
  • New option: Only show 4 digit SS# on checks AND reports.
  • Doubled the # of Dept/Jobs that can be used in an employee an employee fixed distribution.
  • More fields available to import/export employee information.
  • Improved keyboard navigation for faster setup and processing.
  • And the list goes on and on…