CheckMark Online Payroll Is Finally Here

online payroll

The much-awaited and highly anticipated online payroll edition of our signature desktop program – CheckMark Payroll Software has been launched officially. It has been received with great approbation by new as well as current customer base.

Introducing Checkmark Online Payroll

CheckMark Online Payroll has been developed over the years with hard work and dedication to bring the same functionality of the desktop version to the cloud. Now, you can enjoy all the features and benefits of the desktop version, without having to install software or worry about maintenance, updates, patches, and OS compatibility issues.

We know that managing payroll is a complex and time-consuming process, especially for business owners and CPAs. But with the launch of CheckMark Online Payroll, you can now manage your payroll process from anywhere, at any time, and save valuable time and resources.

Here’s a closer and more comprehensive look at the key features and benefits of CheckMark Online Payroll:

Unlimited Payrolls

With CheckMark Online Payroll, you can enjoy unlimited payroll processing for one low monthly cost. You can process any number of payrolls without worrying about additional fees or charges.

You can run bonus payments, correction payments or late adjustments, late hire or retro termination, on-demand payments, advance salary, and much more. Our advanced payroll features allow you to manage your payroll with ease and efficiency.

Online Tax Filings

Staying compliant with IRS tax laws and regulations can be a challenging and laborious task, especially when you have to manage payroll for your employees. That’s why CheckMark Online Payroll makes it easy for you to stay compliant with IRS laws in all 50 states.

Our cloud payroll platform automatically calculates the federal, state, and local taxes, taking the guesswork out of payroll processing. And with our online tax filing feature, you can file your taxes yourself, ensuring that you never miss a deadline or make costly errors. You can print and e-file 940, 941, 944, 943, W2, and W3 forms to the SSA and most states, making it easy for you to file the taxes on time, every time.

ACH Direct Deposit

CheckMark Online Payroll makes it easy for you to pay your employees on time and directly into their bank accounts. With our 3-Day ACH Direct Deposit feature, you can quickly and easily make payments to your employees with ease and accuracy.

Our 3-Day ACH Direct Deposit feature also helps you save time and money by reducing the cost of printing and distributing paper checks. Plus, you can say goodbye to lost or stolen checks and the headaches that come with them.

Employee Self-Service Portal

CheckMark Online Payroll makes it easy for your employees to access and manage their payroll information online. With our Employee Portal, your employees can view their pay stubs, tax forms, and other important payroll information from anywhere, at any time.

The Employee Portal is secure, user-friendly, and easy to use. Your employees can log in to the portal using their unique username and password, and access their payroll information with just a few clicks.

Document Management

CheckMark Online Payroll makes it easy for you to manage all your payroll-related documents in one secure and centralized location. With our Document Management feature, you can store, organize, and access all your payroll documents, such as employee contracts, onboarding documents, tax forms, etc. with just a few clicks.

You can access your documents from anywhere, at any time, and share them with your employees as needed. You’ll never have to worry about losing important payroll-related documents again, and you’ll have quick and easy access to all your payroll information whenever you need it.

Customized Reporting

With CheckMark Online Payroll’s powerful reporting features, you can get the information you need to manage your payroll process with confidence. Whether you’re looking to track your payroll expenses, analyze deductions data, or e-file your W2s, CheckMark Online Payroll got you covered.

Online Payroll Data Security

At CheckMark, we understand the importance of keeping your payroll data secure and protected. That’s why we have implemented a range of sophisticated security measures to ensure that your sensitive payroll data is stored securely and protected from unauthorized access. Our servers are protected by powerful firewalls and advanced encryption techniques, which are similar to those used by banking institutions.

In addition, we regularly back up your online payroll data and store it in multiple secure locations to ensure that your data is always available and protected. And all data transfers are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption at the browser level, which prevents unauthorized access and ensures the confidentiality of your payroll data.

In conclusion, at CheckMark, we take the security of your payroll data very seriously. With our advanced security measures, you can trust that your payroll data is properly stored and protected, so you can focus on running your business with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Migration Support for Existing Customers

If you’re an existing desktop payroll software customer (latest version), we understand that transitioning to a cloud payroll solution can be a big change. That’s why CheckMark offers Migration Support to help make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

Our Migration Support team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to helping you move your payroll data from the desktop software to the online platform. Our team will work with you to understand your current setup and ensure that all your payroll information, including employee data, tax forms, and payment history, is accurately transferred to the online platform.

In addition, our Migration Support team is available to answer any questions you may have about the transition process and pricing information, and provide ongoing support as needed. Whether you need help with the migration process or have questions about the online payroll platform, our team is here to help.

Free Trial for 14 Days

At CheckMark Online Payroll, we’re confident that you’ll love our cloud payroll solution. That’s why we’re offering a 14-day free trial without any restrictions or the need to provide your credit card information.

During the free trial, you can add unlimited employees and process unlimited payrolls. You will have complete access to reporting, Document Management, Tax Filings, and much more.

Our free trial is a great way to try out our platform without any risk or commitment. You’ll be able to see the benefits and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your payroll is in good hands.


CheckMark Online Payroll offers a flexible and affordable payroll pricing model to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our base fee is $20/month, which provides you with unlimited payrolls and access to all the features and benefits of our online platform.

In addition, there is a cost of $4/month per employee, which covers the management and processing of their payroll information, ACH Direct Deposit, Document Management, Online Tax Filings, etc. You only pay for the number of employees you have, making our pricing model scalable and cost-effective.


For our current desktop software customers, we’re offering a special discount of 50% off for the rest of the year. This discount is a great way to save on your payroll processing costs while you transition to the online platform.

For first-time users, we’re offering a 50% discount for the first 3 months of your subscription. This discount is a great way to try out our cloud platform and see for yourself how easy and convenient it is to use.

And for businesses with a large number of employees, we’re offering a lifetime volume discount. This discount is designed to help you save on your online payroll processing costs, no matter how many employees you have.

Expert Support

At CheckMark, we understand that having access to reliable and knowledgeable support is essential for the success of your payroll process. That’s why we offer US-based support to all our customers.

Our support team is made up of experienced payroll professionals who are available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you need help setting up your account, migrating your desktop database, processing payroll, or generating reports, our support team is here to assist you.


In conclusion, CheckMark Online Payroll is an affordable and easy-to-use payroll solution that helps businesses streamline their payroll processes like never before. With its wide range of features, flexible pricing, and a free trial, it’s the perfect payroll solution for businesses, big or small. Try CheckMark Online Payroll today and simplify your payroll process!