Mandatory Sick Leave: Help or Hurt?

An increasing number of cities and states are requiring businesses to offer a certain number of sick days to their workers. Most businesses do offer some sort of sick leave or the more general paid time off that can be used as needed. However, some businesses do not offer sick days and some even vehemently oppose it, arguing it would severely affect the bottom line having to pay someone for not working, especially in  part-time or hourly wage positions.

Supporters of paid sick leave argue that it is just the right thing to do and it can keep germs from spreading. Others point out that oftentimes low-wage workers who are less likely to have sick days offered, often are the ones who can’t afford to take days off unpaid and need the mandatory paid sick days. Some studies have suggested even if sick days are offered, oftentimes not all of them are taken anyways and they do not affect the bottom line as much as the opponents of the laws suggest.

Question: Does your business offer sick days? Why or why not?

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