Learning from Experience

Was your marketing campaign a flop? Did you fail to meet sales goals for the quarter? We’ve all been there and it’s no fun. In order to grow though, according to Get Smarter: Ask This One Question, ask “What are we learning here?” We all fail from time-to-time and that is just part of life. The real question is whether we grow from failure.

The article also suggests, rather than letting your emotions win and having an emotionally charged discussion, wait until the steam blows off and just stick to the facts. Make sure to stay positive, skip the blame, and make sure to get the quiet people’s opinion’s first.

Something else I’d like to add is that it’s also helpful to take time alone and reflect on your own efforts- where did you steer wrong? Should you have pushed a little harder that one time? Was there too much Group-Think? What could you do better personally?

What about your company? Tell us about a time things didn’t go as planned with your company and how you grew from that.