Inspiration in the Workplace

Think of that person who was or has been a great inspiration to you. What made them so inspiring? I think of my dad who decided after I was born that he didn’t want to work construction for the rest of his life. He then took out student loans for a college education, got nearly perfect grades, and despite his professors telling him he’d never get a job at a top accounting firm, got his dream job and has remained highly desired in the workplace. He’s also a rock star athlete, competing in 100 mile endurance mountain bike races (don’t worry, mom does too).

I stumbled upon this article from about the “7 Traits of Truly Inspiring Leaders” and it struck home. While a few of us are business owners, many of us are in leadership positions in the workplace. And even if we haven’t reached leadership positions yet, we can still be inspiring and positively affect those around us. Finding a purpose in the workplace, rallying behind that, and encouraging and supporting our coworkers for the same company goal goes a long way, rather than trudging through the workday with blinders on. Hellooooo teamwork!

Do you find your workplace inspiring? Have you worked with someone who was really inspiring to you?