In Case You Missed It…CheckMark Gangnam Style

CheckMark Gangnam Style

A fun parody of the number one watched YouTube video.
All of us at CheckMark worked incredibly hard to bring you all of our exciting updates for Payroll 8.3, MultiLedger 7.5, and 1099 Software 13.0. Payroll underwent some very dramatic changes on both the front and back end and now provide you with a product that can truly grow with your business and its changing needs.

At CheckMark, we’re encouraged not just to work hard, but to play hard. Shortly after the release, we took a little break one afternoon and in the spirit of togetherness, we present you with a Gangnam-style spoof we fondly call “CheckMark Gangnam-Style.” If you are unfamiliar with Gangnam-Style on YouTube, perhaps just enjoy our very “talented” dancing. For every view, up to 1000 views, we’ll donate $1 to Red Cross to continue to aid in the relief of those still recoverying from the terrible storm Sandy.Please enjoy a giggle or two on us and share with your friends.

Rest assured we’ve transitioned back to business as usual and making sure that the year-end continues to run smoothly and everyone enjoys a easy start to 2013. We welcome feedback on the newly redesigned Payroll Software, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please do reply and let us know.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Staff at CheckMark