How to Save Your Time Filing 1099 Forms in 2024

How to Save Your Time Filing 1099-Forms in 2024This 2024, file your 1099 forms faster than ever with CheckMark 1099 Software. 

Running 1099s for the tax season is very costly for many businesses both in time and money. At CheckMark, we have a very slick and fast 1099 Software that runs UNLIMITED companies and recipients. Many software and service options charge you per 1099 run, which can really add up, in contrast, we like to keep things simple around here. CheckMark 1099 Software can handle 1099 -MISC, NEC, INT, DIV, S & R forms, with the print version running only $239 and the e-file version running $319 (also can print!).

The simple interface of the main screen allows you to toggle between companies, recipients, and 1099 types with the speed of a cheetah.

It takes seconds to import your data, and minutes to be ready to print or e-file. No more headaches or hassle. Treat yourself this tax season. Check out the free demo today, or order the print version or e-file version and download it in minutes.

 The screens look similar to the 1099 forms for ease of use.

Why not spend a few minutes making sure these 1099 reporting processes are done correctly and accurately? Learn how to prepare 1099s as quickly as possible utilizing our vast knowledge base.

As a small business, complying with the IRS 1099 regulations is the safe bet and at CheckMark, we make compliance and filing as simple as a cakewalk.

CLICK HERE to learn a step-by-step procedure to file your 1099 compliance with ease. 

You can print or e-file your 1099s when you have checked the reports and determined that everything appears accurate. By January 31 of every year, forms must be delivered to the independent contractors as well as the IRS.

One of the best practices for small businesses is to gather and record all the 1099 information throughout the year so that it may decrease your workload at year-end.