How to Prepare for the Holiday Season with CheckMark

It seems like the holiday season comes out of nowhere and for many businesses, it is also the busiest time of year. With year end, we all know tax season is looming. We have been getting some common questions with how CheckMark Payroll works with year end now that each year is a separate application.

With your 2014 Payroll, you should have already downloaded your patch containing W-2s and W-3s. Once the IRS releases the 940 Form, we’ll have another patch come out for that to update you 2014 Payroll. So, in short, keep using that 2014 like usual and use it to process your year-end forms.

The 2015 Payroll is available currently for purchase. What are the advantages of purchasing now? While it’s not critical to purchase and download now, you can take comfort that if you get in a pickle, it’ll be quicker for tech support to get you the help you need and you can focus on enjoying the holiday season instead of stressing over payroll. Once you are ready to run that first payroll in 2015, when you open the 2015 Payroll, it’ll ask if you’d like to bring over the company data. Once you bring that over, you’ll be good to go for 2015. A Basic Tech Support plan (up to 30 minutes) is included with your update.

MultiLedger 7.7 contains the 2014 1099-MISC, so if you are needing that, you’ll want to be sure to get that updated. A Basic Tech Support plan (up to 30 minutes) is included with your update.

2014 1099 Software is pretty explanatory- it contains the 2014 forms. The ones included are 1099-MISC, -INT, -DIV, -S, & -R. If you are wanting to e-file for the first time, make sure you request your IRS Transmittal Code well in advance! It can take awhile. Save yourself the headache and apply early. Tech support is included with CheckMark 1099 Software for free.

As the year-end closes, support gets more and more backed up. Our team is committed to taking the time to take care of each and every individual, and we promise it’ll be worth the wait. The quickest way to get tech support is to request it online here. You’ll pop directly into the queue and they’ll get back to you as quickly as possible! We hope that this helps clear up any of those basic questions…with updates only happening annually, it’s easy to forget!