Fiscal Cliff & ATTU- Updates

CheckMark has been closely watching the fiscal cliff tax situation in Washington. Now that a deal has been finally reached, CheckMark will release an Automatic Tax Table Update (ATTU) for any changes in 2013. If you are connected to the internet, the Payroll software will automatically prompt you to install the new tax tables upon launching the software. When prompted, just follow the onscreen instructions. You can also check to see if any tax table updates are available manually by going under the Help menu and selecting Check for Updates and Patches.
If you are running the latest patch for Payroll 2013 (version 13.0.2), some of the Federal Tax Parameters have already been updated. Make sure you have the latest patch installed for 2013. To verify the tax parameters are updated, open up the Federal Tax Values Window and click on the Load 2013 Values button at the bottom. Make sure the Employee Social Security % is at 6.2.
When the new tables are released, we will notify you immediately, but for now, you can process your 2013 payroll as has a short article with known changes effectively immediately here.
We appreciate your patience and we will continue to release updates immediately as they become available. If you have a support question, the best way to contact us is through our support login on our website. The phones are very busy this time of year and if you receive a voice mail, all operators are currently busy assisting other customers. If you would like to leave a message, we will get back to you, but please only leave one message. Leaving multiple messages only slows down the response time. As mentioned above, the fastest means of technical support communication is through our website.
Thank you,
The Team at CheckMark, Inc.