Cool New Features in Payroll Software- 8.3.1

Payroll 2013 Now Released! 
Also included is Payroll version 8.3.1 to finish out your 2012 year end.

The new Payroll update 2013 is now available to download! The installer will search and update the necessary files automatically. With this patch, you will receive the new Payroll 2013 application as well as a patch for the 2012 version which is 8.3.1. Please continue to use 8.3.1 to run your 2012 year end forms and remaining 2012 payroll and launch the 2013 Payroll when you’re ready to start the new year.

With this patch, for Windows users, the Payroll 2013 icon will appear. For Mac users, launch CheckMark Payroll 2013 from your Applications Folder. Mac users may want to create an alias on your desktop or in your dock for easy access. Remember: Run your year-end forms in the 2012 icon NOT 2013. 

For step-by-step guides and additional information on the new features in Payroll 2013, please check out the Quickstart Guide located under Help in the 2013 program.

Changes in 2012 Payroll version 8.3.1:

  • Now more additional incomes, deductions, hour categories, hour accruals, state tax categories, and local tax categories
  • Adjustable window, font sizes, and color choices for your Command Center and a new optional Command Center appearance.
  • Fixed Bug where Social Security number would print too high on the W2 Copy
  • Fixed Bug where Box 14 on the W3 would be in the wrong spot by default.
  • Fixed Bug where the New Mexico EFW2 would be slightly corrupted if no State ID was declared.
  • CA DE-9C will now reports the current number of “EMPLOYEES full-time and part-time who worked during or received pay subject to UI for the payroll period which includes the 12th of the month” in Part A. (Note: The program used to show number fo employees for each month).
  • CA DE-9 and DE-9C will now be displayed even if there are no employees with wages to report. (Note: The program used to come up as a blank page).

With the impending Fiscal Cliff, rest assured CheckMark is keeping a close eye on things. When changes to our taxes do happen, we’ll be on it in a flash and update the program immediately.