4th Quarter 2013 Newsletter

A Word from Our CEO October 2013

This past quarter has been full up big ups and big downs. CheckMark is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and all around us, including neighboring towns, there has been major flooding with thousands losing their homes and businesses and several losing their lives. We feel so fortunate Fort Collins had the infrastructure to handle the flooding in our own area after a devasting flood hit our town in 1997. Our hearts are with our neighbors as Colorado moves forward to rebuild and grow from this tragedy.

On a bright note, our 2014 software updates have arrived full of so many of your ideas. As always, we welcome your feedback on our software so we can continue to better tailor it for a superior user experience. Year’s End is also a great time to switch to CheckMark Payroll Services, if your New Year’s Resolution includes freeing up some of your valuable time. Contact us for a quote.

Best regards.

Mohammed Ghani

President and CEO

News2014 CheckMark Payroll Updates: Your requests fulfilled

We’ve added a bunch of your ideas for 2014! View the full list of new features here and order the 2014 today! Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Enhanced Quickbooks Integration.
  • More more more: More Hour categories, jobs, deductions, additional incomes, hour rates, and direct deposit allocations.
  • Enhanced Viewing.
  • New! Company Activity Log.
  • Enhanced “Next Period” functionality in Calculate Pay.
  • Better Employer Match features.
  • Social Security Number security.
  • Enhanced distributions.
  • More Import/Export options and enhanced New Company functionality.
  • Improved keyboard navigation.
  • Variable amount deduction enhancement.
  • Improved tax table update notification.

Chester CheckMark 2

2014 CheckMark MultiLedger 

CheckMark Multiledger 7.6 is now also available with these great new features! Order today.

  • New Email Invoice with CheckMark’s template: Adds a professional look when emailing invoices to your customers.
  • 2013 1099-MISC form and efile.
  • Print 2013 1099-MISC form on blank sheets.
  • Compatible with anticipated launch of Mac OS X Mavericks software and Windows 8.1.
2014 1099 Software

CheckMark 1099 Software is now available with the following features. Order the Efile or Print version today!

  • 2013 1099-MISC efile or print on blank sheets.
  • 2013 1099-INT, -DIV, -S, and -R efile or use preprinted forms
  • Includes new field changes to the 2013 forms.

Don’t  forget to order your forms or learn more about CheckMark’s forms: W-2s, 1099s, and 1096s.

Services Save Time

Did this year get too crazy at your business? Give yourself a holiday gift…New Years is a good time to switch to Payroll Services. Learn more about our different levels of services here or get a free quote and get started! Our Time Clock and online HR department are also great time saving resources! 

Bike Season Recap & Final iPod Giveaway

If you remember from last time, one of CheckMark’s marketing employees, Whitney races bicycles professionally for Colavita-Fine Cooking Professional Women’s Cycling Team as a domestique (read: worker). Her season has come to a close with a bang with a trip to Las Vegas (Sept 19th) and Boston (Sept 21st) and we thank you for following along.  To review the season and win a chance at our final monthly iPod shuffle drawing, visit www.checkmark.com/cycling. Previous winners are Tracey B, Kimberley D, and Davy L.

Tips from the Support TeamTop Questions of the Quarter

What do I do if I need to see 2012 Payroll? 

That’s fine, just open the 2012 Application. This link will give you more detailed information based on each operating system.

Hey Mulitledger users…
Do you need to do other forms rather than 1099-MISC? Take a look at our 1099 program which offers many more options with easy import options. https://www.checkmark.com/1099-software