2019 CheckMark Software Updates Have Arrived!

2019 Software Updates

CheckMark is pleased to announce the release of 2019 updates for all of our software products. We are committed to bringing you new ways to make the most of your time with features that will change the way you manage payroll, accounting and other business functions.

These updates improve the functionality and reliability of our software products. With the enhanced user experience and productivity, we want to keep you up-to-date and compliant with the most recent government mandates.

The 2019 updates include the current IRS approved tax forms, state and federal tax tables, as well as support and software patches for any issues that you may have throughout the year. We strongly recommend keeping your software up-to-date to remain compliant with the IRS and your state requirements.

CheckMark Payroll 2019 Update – New Features

  • Updated W2 forms, 940, 941, 943 & 944 for 2019 tax filings.
  • Added option to show Employer Match on paycheck stub.
  • Added the ability to import hours by department into the Distribute Hours window.
  • Updated Accrued Hours to allow for a carry-over date to be defined by the employer.
  • Added the ability to create “Employer” checks in January of the next calendar year, based on taxes from the current calendar year.
  • On Calculate pay window, added new field to add all incomes and gives a total for Gross Wages below that section of the window.
  • Option to Print Multiple reports at once instead of having to go to the individual reports and printing one at a time.
  • Added column on Additional Income Report to show ‘quantity’ for # of miles with mileage or # of pieces for piecework.

CheckMark MultiLedger 9.0 Update – New Features

  • Expanded the dates that MultiLedger looks for duplicate documents. It now includes the full calendar year if preference is checked.
  • New option to print zero balance accounts on the Balance Sheet and Income Statement Reports.
  • Notes setup in Customers and Vendors show in a bolder font on the journals.
  • Updated 1099 forms for 2018 tax filing.
  • Added more sort options to the Recurring screen. The default sorts by due date and can now also sort by the name or description columns.

CheckMark 1099 2018 Update – New Features

  • Updated 1099 tax forms for 2018 Tax Filing.
  • Updated 1096 tax form for 2018 Tax Filing.
  • Updated Electronic formatting for 2018 Tax Filing.

CheckMark 1095 2018 Update – New Features

  • Updated 1095 tax forms for 2018 Tax Filing.
  • Updated 1094 tax forms for 2018 Tax Filing.
  • Updated Electronic formatting for 2018 Tax Filing.

How to Order

Follow the instructions below to update your software and support. You can also re-order tax forms and checks so you are ready for year-end.

  • Log in using your registered email address and customer number.
  • Select the software updates and paper products you would like and place your order
  • Review and complete the payment and download the update.

Please be aware that we only support the current version of our software.

You can also call 970-225-0522 or e-mail sales@checkmark.com and our customer service team will be more than happy to send you the order form by mail or answer any questions.