2013 Software Updates Are Here!

2013 software updates are available for purchase! Purchasing and downloading now won’t effect your 2012 payrolls, so there is no reason to wait until the busy holiday season to order. Please note that we are pre-selling updates currently. The update you currently will receive will include year-end forms. The feature changes will come with a patch due at the beginning of December. 

Here are some of the new features you’ll find:

CheckMark Payroll 8.3

More Additional Incomes! Now assign up to 8 Additional Incomes per employee.

• Added Deductions! Add double the deduction categories per employee as before, up to 16.

• Adjustable window and font sizes! Now customize your viewing experience that best fits your screen and overall preference.

• Do you like color choices? In addition to adjusting the window and font sizes, experiment with your favorite colors by changing the command screen to a dashing red or a sultry blue. Pick a color that matches your shirt or one that reflects your mood. You can change and customize the color of the command screen to enhance your viewing experience even more.

• Increased number of Hour Accruals! Now track up to 6 accruals for each employee.

• More Hour Categories per company! Track up to 12 hour categories for the entire company.

• Comments, Comments, Comments! The comment field under the Employee Setup screen now handles up to 32,000 characters.

• The number of State Tax categories has increased for the company. Now add up to 200 categories for the company.

•Local Tax categories have also increased for the company. Each company can have a total up to 50 local tax categories.

•Easy Open! Now open any company, in any database you want simply by selecting Open Company from the File menu. No longer required to switch to different databases using the database manager.

• Easy New Setup! Copy set up data for a new company from any database in your list.

CheckMark MultiLedger 7.5

• 2012 1099 MISC Form and e-File

• Prints 2012 1099-MISC on blank sheets

• Prompt before delete preference: A new option in Preferences to have an alert pop up before deleting information from MultiLedger. Prevents accidental deletions.

• Out of Balance warning: A new option in Preferences to have a warning message to let users know when reports or journals are out of balance to help prevent issues when closing years. Prevents out-of-balance journals and reports!

• Turn off page number option: A new option in Preferences to turn off the page number from printing so you can use your own forms.


CheckMark 1099 Software 12.0

• 2012 1099 Forms and e-File

• Allow users to “Import from prior year” any time, instead of only giving them the option once when they first run 1099.

• Runs 1099-Misc, Div, Int, R & S Forms.

• Handles paper copies and electronic filing.

• Imports CheckMark Payroll employee data.

• Utilizes the latest database technology. No database server is required.

• Data entry screen is similar to the 1099 Form.

• Fast. Data can be imported from text files or keyed in manually.

• Allows preview of data before you print.

• Single-user capable; install locally and share data files over a local network.

• Sensitive data is encrypted for confidentiality.

• Windows® and Macintosh®

• Handles unlimited companies and unlimited recipients

• Includes PDF User Manual and tech support for the filing year.