2013 Quarter 2 Newsletter

A Word from Our CEO

Mar 2013

About a month and half ago, I slipped while going from my house to the garage and broke my ankle pretty badly. I needed surgery, was in a cast and will be in a wheelchair for several more months. So, what does this have to do with Payroll and Accounting Software?

There are two major things – Cross-Training and Succession-Planning. Large companies have many talented people and spend time developing formal plans for succession. They can also afford to and should have employees cross-trained, though this does not happen all the time. So, my question to you is, are you prepared? If you are unable to work for a while, will your business keep on going?

I am very fortunate that CheckMark is large and we have three very competent Directors along with their wonderful staff, who have been running our company without a hitch while I recover.

Payroll and Accounting are both critical to the operation of a business. We have thousands of customers who use our software every year. Most of our customers are small businesses and some have only one person that knows how to do their payroll and accounting.. There are several ways to mitigate this. The best way is to have a couple of people capable of performing these tasks. This addresses both the issues of cross-training and succession-planning. The other way is to have coverage outside the business.

I am happy to let you know that CheckMark can perform your Payroll and your Accounting for you as a service, if needed. This is possible because we are offering Payroll Services and are in the process of starting to offer Accounting Services for clients nationwide. We use the same software that you use, so it is just a matter of getting your files to us (and our support staff will help you with this as well). Another reason that you – our most important customers can count on us in a time of need.

I wish you the best and hope you never get into a situation that you need to worry, but I hope you are always prepared.

Best regards.

Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO


Payroll Software 2014

Our software developers are currently planning what is going into the 2014 Payroll. Now that you’ve had a quarter to use the newly redesigned Payroll, what do you think? What additions would you like to see for 2014? Email us at info@checkmark.com with your ideas.

CheckMark’s Very Own Pro Bicycle Racer

CheckMark is excited to be supporting one of their own employees, Whitney Schultz, as she competes in the National Criterium Calendar in 2013 against the top ladies in the United States! Learn more about CheckMark’s partnership with her and her team, SkiNourishments p/b Paceline Projects, and enter to win an iPod!

Payroll Services: Refer a Friend, Get $50 CheckMark Bucks

Refer a friend to CheckMark Payroll Services and if they sign up, we’ll send you $50 CheckMark Bucks to be used towards anything on our site- updates, software, checks, forms, tech support, etc. Encourage them to contact us and provide your name, oremail us now and when your friend signs up, we’ll send you the CheckMark Bucks automatically.

30-days Free Demo for Time & Attendance

You may not have known but we also offer a variety of Time Clock solutions. Web, fingerprint, PIN, badges- we have a wide variety of solutions to fit your needs! Now you can even test out our solutions with a 30-day Demo. Email us at info@checkmark.com or call 800-444-9922.

Meet a CheckMark Employee- Pam B

1) How long have you been working at CheckMark and what is your role?
I am a Technical Support Representative at CheckMark.  I help answer our customers’ questions about installation and use of our programs.  I also process payroll and assist in our Payroll Services Department.  I have worked here for about a year and a half.

2) What is your favorite part of working at CheckMark?

I love helping our customers!  It’s very rewarding to make someone’s day a little better and to hear the relief in their voices when we are done.  That is my favorite part about what I do here at CheckMark.

3) What random talent or skill do you have?
I once flew solo in small airplanes and was on the verge of getting my pilot’s license.

4) What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?
Brightly colored electrical tape would be the best tape for creating a sculpture; however, I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.

Tips From Our Support Team

Top Questions of the Quarter

1)      I’m getting a Fraction of Cents on my Form 941. What does it mean and how do I fix it?

Fraction of cents on your 941 is a common issue we see during the 1st quarter. If you happen to get this error message, read the following link  from our knowledgebase that will give you some things to look at: http://www.checkmark.com/support/result_display.php?kbrecordid=K3K2Q731119

2)     How do I know what version of CheckMark Payroll I’m on?

If you are on Windows you go to the “Help” menu option on your toolbar to “About CheckMark Payroll”, which is the first option. This will show you what version of the program you are on so you know if you updated.

If you are on Mac you go to the “CheckMark Payroll” menu option on your toolbar to “About CheckMark Payroll”, which is the first option. This will show you what version of the program you are on so you know if you updated.