What To Do About Those Bad Reviews

It seems that every company gets hit with a bad review from time-to-time and as a company, and it’s never pleasurable. In a time where word-of-mouth rules consumers’ minds, bad reviews have a greater impact. In the Wall Street Journal article, Hoping to Fix Bad Reviews? Not So Fast, it talks about some companies that promise to go through loopholes on popular review sites like Yahoo and Angie’s List and how those companies’ claims are false. Instead it said that you should focus on having mostly good reviews and trying to contact the negative reviewers directly and help them solve their issue. Perhaps, if multiple negative reviewers are complaining about a certain issue (ex. rude customer service), it’s a good wake up call that there is an issue with your business. Making sure customers can find the answers to their questions easily is also a bad-review prevention tactic.

They also mention some useful companies and tools that will alert you when there is a bad review which would allow you to get the issue resolved and prevent further negative reviews.  Has anyone used one of these monitoring tools? What do you think of them? What do you do about negative reviewers?