Upbeat Outlook

According to CNN Money, the Consumer Confidence Index is at an all time high since 2008. The increase is being contributed to an increase in confidence for finding jobs, an increase of people looking for and buying homes, also a majority believe the job market won’t shrink in the upcoming months and that they won’t lose income at their jobs. I guess it’s looking like a very Merry Holiday season indeed for outlook at least.

On the flip side, with the impending expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts causing uncertainty of what will happen for 2013 taxes, what do you think will happen? Do you think consumer spending will still be higher for the 2012 holiday season based on the Consumer Confidence Index, or do you think it will once again be a lower number due to the nervousness about the potentially higher taxes for 2013? Is your business making any changes to your holiday sales planning? Thanks for sharing!