Small Business Reality Stars- Worth it?

At my house we don’t have cable and don’t really watch TV, but when I’m traveling and staying in a hotel, it’s always a treat to watch the reality show “Pawn Stars”, which somehow always seems to be playing. I’m not sure whether I’m more into the lively family that owns the shop or the crazy things that people bring in. Not surprisingly, those small businesses that appear on reality shows like that, find business booming from all the attention, along with lots of fans hanging around. I definitely chuckle a little thinking about CheckMark being on reality TV.

What about you and your business? If you had an opportunity, would you take up a reality TV opportunity for your business? Do you think the potential boom in business would be worth the potential downsides?

Inspired by Washington Post article “Lights, camera, sell: Small businesses cash in as they take the spotlight on reality shows.”