MultiLedger Features You Are Missing

Are you running an older version of MultiLedger? If so, you could be missing some really great features that can make your accounting for your business a piece of cake.

  • Print Deposit Slips. Avoid errors by printing deposit slips with your bank information and routing number directly from MultiLedger.
  • Email invoices, quotes, item purchases, and POs directly from MultiLedger.
  • Save and open select reports with Excel or other spreadsheet programs.
  • Keep 30 Months Open. Enter and modify transactions for a full 2½ years.
  • Tighten your MultiLedger security, control who has access to the Cash Account in the Bank Rec and Transaction Journals.
  • New Financial Snapshot Report to quickly get a “Financial Snapshot” of your business current cash, receivables, payables, and many financial ratios.
  • MICR Encoded Check Printing, allowing you to print on  blank check paper.

If you are running MultiLedger 7.4, you can order online to get MultiLedger 7.5 for $99. If you are running MultiLedger 7.3 or older, call 970-225-0522 to order MultiLedger 7.5 for $199. Questions? Email