Is the Government Shutdown Affecting You? Yes and here is why!

Your business may not have directly felt the pain of the government shutdown yet, but it will soon. With the IRS employees furloughed, you can’t call the IRS with your tax questions and get the answers you need. If you have an urgent issue, this could hold up your business!

Fortunately, some of the online functions, like the Electronic Federal Tax Payment system still functions so be sure you pay your taxes on time, as advised and required by law! However, if you are expecting a refund, think again! Refunds will not be distributed until the shutdown is over and the IRS is back up and running.

At CheckMark we can’t wait for the government shutdown to end. With the IRS closed, the guidelines and regulations for the next tax year, including some of the current year’s tax forms have not been released. You’ll be happy to know that at CheckMark we are watching closely for when the IRS releases the necessary information. We’ll make things as easy as possible for you with the year-end and New Year.

Let’s buckle in for the ride and hope it’s over with fast!