Installing the 2014 Payroll program does NOT affect your 2013 Payroll program

They are two separate programs and are not connected in any way. So if you have already purchased the 2014 payroll program and are waiting until Jan to install… don’t… go ahead and install now… most of our downloads have an expiration time of 7 days, and you will want to downloaded before it expires. If you have not purchased the 2014 Payroll program because you are worried it will stop your 2013 Payroll from working, don’t let that stop you from ordering. You can continue  working in your 2013 Application without the 2014 application affecting your current payroll in any way. And if you download and install now, you will “avoid the crowds”. When everyone is downloading at the same time after the first of the year, it slows down our server and the downloads can either be very slow or not download at all forcing you to call our support during the busiest time and it may be hard for us to get back to you quickly during that time.