How do you Feel About Your Business’s Future?

The 2014 U.S. Bank Small Business Annual Report Survey was full of optimism and positive future outlook. With only 34% of small business owners feeling like we’re still in a recession and 70% of small business owners feeling like they are in good financial help, the future is bright! The larger businesses show the most indication of growth, while some of the smaller businesses may need a boost. Exit planning for 2014 is also on the rise for women and large business owners.

The top concerns of these small business owners are:

  • The Federal deficit and debt
  • Healthcare
  • Taxes

Small business owners are also more likely to be early-adopters of new technologies and 64% of them use social media for their businesses.  They also find themselves more on-the-go than in past years.

As a small business owner you might have different feelings about these conclusions- please share! Do you feel optimistic about future business? What are your biggest business worries? Do you consider yourself to be technologically forward?