Are you one of the 28 million small business heroes of our economy?

Meet Mark CheckMark, CheckMark Inc’s Small Business Advocate

Are you one of the 28 million small business heroes of our economy?

Are you one of the rescuers, employing 60 million workers?

Then likely you might also be a little frustrated, like 92% of business owners, with the ongoing fight to keep your business on solid ground, with ongoing fights with payroll, taxes and human resources.

Did you know that most business owners try to balance 8-10 roles in the business?  That’s a lot of hats!

The heaviest load?  Financial operations

This load has become so unbearable that more than 55% of small business owners report extreme fear of losing the fight for business survival this year.

If you are in the 10% of business owners that never miss an opportunity to save money, we probably can’t help you.

In fact, if you love doing everything all by yourself, never taking a vacation, writing out your own checks, filing your own tax forms, studying all the HR and payroll laws to keep you out of trouble, we definitely have nothing to offer you.

For sure, if you have no plans of ever taking another relaxing, refreshing, fun and family filled vacation, you don’t want to hear more about these powerful solutions.

BUT, if you are like 88% of small business owners who really want to grow in profits while squeezing out increased freedom to do what you really want to do,

CheckMark’s team of small business advocates have 30 years of experience as trusted guides to business owners seeking freedom.  If freedom is your dream, we can show you the path.  Call us today, 970-225-0522.  Freedom is closer than you think.